Project from Recent Finds

A few days ago I posted this project on my blog....
The globe was an awesome find at Goodwill for just $1.99 and the
candle holder came from Goodwill sometime ago. Not really sure
of the price since there were 3 of them in different sizes...and I have
had them for a while.

I liked the way it came out so well that I sat out to find
some more globes only to have no luck at Goodwill.
I took off to Habitat for Humanity Restore and found
a lot of globes.

Then I had to decide on just what I wanted......
I picked a couple of different ones but this is the
one that got used for this project.

Its a frosted cream color with speckles in it. Nice....

So just like the last project I added a touch of BLING!

I used one of the 3 candle holders I had on hand. Using
my gorilla glue (that stuff is awesome) I attached the
globe to the candle holder.

This would look really nice holding a favorite candle

Thinking I will add one more touch to this one with the silk ivy

around the base of the globe like before.

Thanks for stopping in to visit,


lifebythecreek said…
Oooh.. those are gorgeous!! You are so clever... I would never think to put all of that together.
Allison said…
super cute! Would never know those didn't come like that! Thanks for linking up.

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