Day 275 - December 25, 2010 - White Christmas

Nashville, Tennessee~ Christmas Eve~
Snow~ Makes for a White Christmas~~~

Oops, I think Santa dropped something in the yard
in his haste to stay ahead of the snow.
Christmas Day ~ Snow covered and spitting snow all day.
First white Christmas in 17 years for the Nashville and
surrounding areas. Beautiful.

Love the way the snow settles on the branches and leaves.....

and between the bars of the fence.

Even the birds were out and about enjoying the day.

Christmas, pine cones and snow....makes for a pretty picture.

Report for Christmas night, the roads are freezing careful
when you are out.
Cedartown Ga. and surrounding areas of Atlanta, first white
Christmas in 100 years.
The news just reported that some parts of Alabama have snow
to day.......for the first time ever.
Hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Pretty!!! We got as much as you, but from what I understand, this is the first Christmas snow here since the 1880's (I KNEW I hadn't seen snow here ever on Christmas... even I'm not THAT old!). Hope to see you .. doubt we'll make it tomorrow but hopefully Monday. BEAUTIFUL photos...
Brooke said…
Love the pictures. Hooray for a white Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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