Day 267-December 16, 2010 - The Gift Wrapped Toe

On my facebook account this summer I did a series of
foot pics....titled where my feet have been.

It was so much fun to read the replys from friends when I
posted yet another foot/feet pic. And its neat to look back
to see where my feet have taken me over the warmer months.

I stopped posting these pics a few months back, admit it,
it gets tiring to see a foot posted here and there over a course
of a few many times and way's can you
photograph your foot!? Anyway, I painted my toes
a red color last night and added a hand painted green
Christmas bow on my big toes. But since it was a bit
cold, I could not take my foot out in flip flops to
photograph it so....I took my feet to my craftroom
to photograph it. So yes, I had to also post
it to my facebook page.

Thanks for stopping in,


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