Day 245 - November 24, 2010 - The Reflection

I have been out of school for a while......a long while but
thanks to facebook I have reconnected with so many
from school that I had lost connection with.

The Old Hickory Boys - guys I went to school with
are a local band that plays at a place called
John A's right across the street from the
Gaylord Hotel in Nashville. Great band with
fantastic sound.

Just the other night about 30 folks, different
graduating classes from DuPont High showed
up to support and enjoy the sound of
The Old Hickory Boys, including me.

Not often am I without a camera so yes,
I had to be up and about taking pics.
This shot is of Lawrence on the steel
guitar. I was shooting through the
piano top and a microphone, right
past the guitar player, catching the
reflection of the guitar on the shine
on the piano.

The band loved the shot and I think
it turned out so nice.

Thanks for stopping in,


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