Day 169 - September 10, 2010 - Washers

Spent the better part of the day doing nothing.....something
I seem to be getting really good at.

But I had this project on my mind that I had seen on a blog (sorry,
can't seem to locate that blog again). So I decided
to go to the hardware store and get started with it.

All this project takes is ribbon and regular metal

Lenght of the ribbon and the amount of washers
depends on how long you want
the necklace to be.

Check this out. Not sure how you feel about it but I have to have
earrings to match. So this is what I came out with.

Found the directions for making the necklace by
keying in necklaces made from washers. There
are several different ways and directions for this.
Check it out.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Love it! I couldn't believe it was washers when I saw it on your Facebook; how cool is that? And I really love the matching earrings....

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