Day 146 - August 14, 2010 - Color, Warm, Fun

Last winter I decided I needed to use up a lot
of yarn I had laying around so I started to knit

In the mist of doing this I decided that knitting took longer
then crocheting them. So I changed my method.
As you can see I have a few made up. Actually more then what
is in these pics.

Since I started this my Mothere has ran across
more yarn at yard sales that I have ended up
with also.

Love that rich purple, blue and pink color together. I see a
scarve in the making with that yarn.

The other day I decided to work on something else, knowing
that I really need to get all this yarn used
I made a few pot holders.

You might say that I am recycling yarn. Thank you for
stopping in.


lifebythecreek said…
THAT's some productivity there! Hey, maybe I can bring you the bags of yarn that are just sitting around here, since I don't seem to be so good at doing anything with them. I love making stuff, but Adam doesn't let me sit for long enough to ever get anything done, and I get frustrated when I can only do a row or two. Do you get anything accomplished when Caleb is there, or are those done during the time he's not with you? They're gorgeous, and I never thought about potholders. Love it!
I need to use up yarn too, and I love making scarves. My girls each have several, lol :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)
Rachel said…
You are so creative! I love those scarves and colors!

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