Day 139- August 7, 2010- Russell and Hop Band

Once upon a time I was in high school.....
A long, long time ago! LOL

Actually I graduated from a class of about
300 but it was a neighborhood type school and
you knew people ahead of you or below you
in school, esp. if you had an older and a younger

My school no longer exist. It was turned
into a middle school and the high school
classes were bused here or there. That was
many years ago but thanks to one dedicated
man we have a really awesome website for
all people who attended my school from the beginning
till the closing. But...then facebook came into our life, and
from that the reconnection with people I attended
school with has grown.

With that said a lot of us have come back together
and we go out from time to time for drinks,
parties, someone in need or to support a
up and coming band.

I attended school with Curtis, lead singer of
The Russell and Hop band. He graduated the
year before me and even though I have not
seen Curtis since school thanks to facebook
and friends via facebook we have reconnected.

The band was playing at the marina down
the road from me last night. I have seen
them play a couple of times before, they put
on a really great show. It brings old classmates
out to enjoy friends, music and good times.

Thanks for a great time and great music Russell
and Hop.

Base guitar player




The band just as they
started to rock the dock.

Thanks for stopping by.


Pam D said…
Way to go, gf! When I saw Curtis' plea for high def pics for the paper, I knew you were the person to do it for him. And there is gonna be a time when I FINALLY make it ... to The Black Pearl or wherever.. to see him in person and par-tay with all of you!
To anyone else who might read the comments... I hope you have been able to use Facebook to "find your friends" from high school the way we have. We have a blast, commenting back and forth, even though we stretch from Tennessee to Georgia to Texas and beyond. I love my high school friends... especially THIS lady. I know her as P1, because we share the same first name and I am P2. Can't put a price on friends who go back to your childhood....
Rachel said…
Looks like so much fun! And you went to school with PamD? Now that had to have been a blast too!

Thanks for the comment on the horse post. How cool about your niece and her reining titles! I would love to see the pictures!

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