Day 133 - August 1, 2010 - Photographer in the Making

My grandson, Caleb, who will soon be 10 took these shots a
couple of years ago.

We were at Dairy Queen and he wanted to go play on the
playground that you crawl around in. After playing
for a few minutes he crawled out and wanted to know if
he could take my camera in.

This is what I found on my camera when it was returned
to me. Awesome for an 8 year old, my little photographer
in the making. I love it.

Thanks for stopping in,


decdiva1 said…
THAT IS FANTASTIC! that is not just good for an 8 yr old it's good for anyone! i can't even take that good of a pic! thanks for visiting and becoming a follower of cottage romance! i'm always happy to add to my cottage cutie's that visit regularly!
Red Door Home said…
Wow! Quite the eye already. I would have had no idea that someone that young had taken these pictures.

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