Day 132- July 31, 2010 - Canning

My sister in law, Lori loves to can.
A couple of weeks ago I happened to show
up while she was busy......

And it looks like she has her job cut
out for her.

All cleaned and ready to hold her hard work.
The beginning of her fantastic squash relish.
Red and green peppers. Squash and onions...and
all the other fixings.

Mixing it all up.

Before I got there she had finsihed her great
tasting peach jam. So good....

And here is the finished yummy.

Thanks for stopping in.


Paula said…
I like to can and haven't done any this year. The best part is having yummy things to eat all winter.
Christina Lee said…
Awesome-reminds me of my mother. And makes me wonder why i don't give it a try!

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