Monday, July 26, 2010

True Story Tuesday - The Watermelon

I love watermelon! Always have and probably always will.

So over the course of the summer I will buy several.
This year most all of the ones I have gotten have
been really good, juicy, sweet and red! YUMMY....

But there are times when I have so much going on or I am
just being lazy and I will sat the watermelon aside, thinking
that I will cut it tomorrow. Then tomorrow its the same ole

A few weeks ago I purchased one on a Monday but by Sunday
I still had not cut it. It was sitting all this time on my cabinet.
During this time Caleb (grandson) was here also and I kept
thinking I needed to go and cut it.......but alas I was to late!

While sitting in the living room watching a show with Caleb and
thinking I need to take him home and get ready for my work
week.....I heard a noise. It was a strange noise, kind of like
air leaking from somewhere, like a balloon that you blew up
and hold the opening together to make that whistle type sound.....
You getting the picture yet?

I looked at Caleb and he looked at me as I said "what the heck is
that". My wash closet is in the hall leading to the kitchen and I had
this fear that the hot water heater was leaking. My first thought
after that thought was " is only two years old"!

I walked slowly down the hall and listened only to realize that
sound was coming from the kitchen. Next thought, is it the fridge?
So slowly I walked into the kitchen only to notice the sound
was coming from my cabinet. The WATERMELON!

Apparently at some given time water had gotten under
the melon and I guess caused it to somewhat rot in a
quarter size area. And in that quarter size area a whole had
developed and leaking out was the juice from my melon....

I told Caleb to stand back as I got a knife to punch
wholes in the melon to release what ever melon demons
were trying to leak out. I was so afraid that it was about
to explode. What a mess that would have been.

Luck would have it that it did not explode and I was
able to save my kitchen from all that juicy, sweet, red
melon and kept it from painting my cabinets and walls.

Thanks for stopping in,