True Story Tuesday - In the ARMY

Two of my oldest friends are Barb and Phil.

Barb and I have been friends since I was about 12

years old, making our friendship one that has

last for 38 yrs.

Her hubby and I became close friends

after they married over 30 yrs. ago.

Then came the kids....

Phillip being born in November of 1980.

My daughter was born in December of 80.

My son was born in July of 1987

and her son was born in August of 87.

Now....we are enjoying the grandkids.

Phillip now is in the ARMY and due to ship

out on his second tour in September.

Phillip moved his wife and children back

to TN., but had to return to his base

in Kansas before leaving Barb and Phil

had a get together and cookout.
I think now is the time that we all should
say thank you to our troops, to these young
men and women who have gone overseas
to insure that we have the freedom that we
have grown use to. To have the freedom to
chose our faith, our life, our jobs, the schools
we attend and the freedom to post a blog !!
Thank you Phillip.
The food at the yummy.


Icy BC said… two families couldn't be closer than that! Yes, it's always time to show gratitude to our soldiers!

Your foods look yummy..
Rachel said…
Amazing how close your families are!

And THANK YOU to our military men and women!

(And thank YOU for making me totally hungry at 11pm... hee hee! Delicious pictures!)

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