True Story Tuesday - Could that be the reason I am not married anymore

Part 5

I started blogging in February 2009 and since I started
I have done 4 other of "could that be the reason I
am not married anymore". That statement started
innocently enough but grew into a standing joke
in the office. I would be so happy to post
the links to the other 4 post only for some
reason I have issues in being able to do that
with AT&T as my internet carrier. One day
I will try to figure out what that is all about .....

But alas, this is not about my issues with AT&T.....

My ex had a thing about his drill!
He drove a Gremlin that he bought from
my Dad. After a while he had some issues
with the muffler or the exhaust manafold working
loose. He would take it by K-mart and have it
tightened up every so often but at some point
they decided that they were afraid the bolt was
going to be stripped so they stopped doing it.
That meant my ex had to take things into his
own hands.....the drill.

One day I was getting something out of his
car and I noticed the floor mat in the back
was moved and showing a HANGER. What the
crap! Upon inspecting this I noticed that two
holes had been drilled in the floor, a hanger
hang out one hole, around the manafold and
by into the other hole, then twisted off.....

My problem with this, my baby rode back
there when the ex would pick her up...

I put my foot down and told him that she was
not to ride back there again, exhaust could
come up from under the car and move up
into the back seat!

The drill thing did not stop there....we lived
in a rental home and had window air units.
Each winter we took them out and stored them
in the garage and would reinstall them in the spring.
This one time I noticed that the water from the
air was spilling into the den. I knew that all that
was required was that the unit needed to be tilted
back just a bit so it would run outside, but I was
pregnant (BIG) and I could not mess with it.

In telling the ex what needed to be done, I go out
and sat on the swing. Here comes the ex with the
drill, and before I can say anything, he drills a hole
up into the air conditioner (his thoughts, a drainage
hole) but what happened, the unit started spitting freon

I was never more happier then the day the
drill died!....and could this be the reason
I am not married anymore?

Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Hmmm... I suppose it could be a part of the reason, ESPECIALLY if the drill "died" under mysterious circumstances. Drills and hammers... they can do wonders, but they can also do a LOT of damage!

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