True Story Tuesday -The Win - Chase Montgomery

Meet my nephew, Chase Montgomery, started racing
go-carts at the age of 13 or 14. From there, things really
started to pick up.

By 2000, he was racing at the Nashville Fairgrounds
and from there he went into ARCA racing. In 2002,
he became runner up as Rookie of the Year.
In 2003 Chase and Alice Cooper went
into partnership together. I was blown away and
could not believe that my 19 yr.old nephew was going to be
in partnership with the most controversial rock star of the 70's.
Chase told me that Alice was a very nice and taught
Sunday school. If I am not mistaken Chase and Alice
even took in some golfing together.
Also that year Chase won the pole position for the ARCA
200 in Daytona, at the same time earning
the record as the youngest driver to sit on the pole in
Racing ARCA, he took home first place
at Daytona Motor Speedway in 2003.

The next weekend Chase raced his first BUSCH race and
did really well for himself, coming in 10th place.
From BUSCH Chase moved into racing Craftsman
Trucks. At this time he was racing with Bobby
Hamilton's racing team.
I have watched Chase race from the stands, from
the top of a hub to standing behind the pit crew.
It's very exciting and scary at the same time and
I have walked a hole in the area behind the pit crew
while I watched him.
Not only a talented driver, he is also talented
with his hands and mind. He has been helping his Dad,
my brother, in designing, remodeling and doing the wood
work in my brothers home. What a fantastic job he has
I am very proud of Chase, he has become a very
talented and sweet young man. He married his
sweetheart Susan a year and a half ago and right
now he continues to work with his Dad.
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Heather said…
Hi. Nice to meet you..and your nephew. Sounds like a great guy.
Beth said…
What an awesome true story! He sounds like a remarkable young man!
Eve said…
Oooh - you're related to a celebrity! :)

Good job Chase - He sounds like an amazing young man!

... Some of my friends have worked with Alice Cooper and they have only really nice things to say about him.
Rachel said…
Aww - what a sweet post about him!

I always get nervous when my uncles race too!!!

Thanks for linking up - what a cool talent!
Kelly said…
That is an awesome story about your nephew. I know that you are so proud of him! Thank you for sharing!

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