Thank you very much Thursday

It's that time of week again when link up with
Kmama over at Daily Dribbles to voice and vent
on the things that might not be going as right as
we would hope for them too....

First let me thank my sleep apnea for
being off kilter and me waking daily
with a headache. Thank you very much.....

and having NO energy at all. Thank you very much.

But most of all I want to thank that ending on LOST
Tuesday night......I am still LOST and it is gone
for good now. I do get the ending to a point but I still
don't get a lot of things that has happened over the
last 6 years. I guess I will just continue to be LOST!

Last, I want to say thank you so very much for
office staff that suck! Sorry...this has been an on
going thing with me over the past year. Customer
service is no more in most places. So....I want
to thank the folks that work at my home
health care company that act like they are
there to help you and they show it and you
should be so thankful for them...or they act
like they just hate being there and they show
that also..........Thank you so much for your rudeness.

Jump on over to Kmama's and read some more
post on the things in life that make you wonder
how you keep from yelling, screaming and at times
maybe hitting someone......

Thanks for stopping in,


Mary said…
Health CARE? Right! :D
Love your pictures!
Thanks for visiting.
Kmama said…
Thanks for linking up! Sorry about the headaches and lack of customer service. That sucks.

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