Thank You Very Much Thursday

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place in our life this week.

First I want to thank MOTHER NATURE
that dumped all that rain on us here in
Tennessee last Saturday and Sunday.

I wore myself out Sunday running from the back door
where I was watching the back half of my creek
doing this...

and then to the front door where I was watching the
front half of my creek doing this....

This is my drive way, on the other
side of the bushes is my creek.

I want to also say THANK YOU VERY MUCH
to those same rains that has put my fair city
of Nashville under water.

If dealing with all this has not been enough...
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the staff at the
sleep doctors office that not only sound so uncaring
but apparently are just as incompetent!
Three weeks it took me to get an appointment
to the sleep doctor (whose staff I had issues with
before)...... heading out Monday to my appointment and
having to take detours around all the flooded areas
to get to the medical building to not be able to find
my drs name on the board to tell me what floor he
was on.
When calling the office back I am not only told
that they moved back in December but they
had me down for my appt. the next day.
I could have written the day down wrong but
at this point not so sure if it was on their
for not being professional enough to tell all
patients that call for an appointment (at least for
the first six months, but it would be better
for a yr. that they moved)...
Or even sending out a notice.

Last ....THANK YOU VERY MUCH for yet another
bad night of sleep.

my bed this morning.

Thanks for stopping in,


Foursons said…
First off- NOOOOOOO I am NOT pregnant! I just thought the cartoon was hilarious!

Secondly, sorry all the flooding is effecting you. I live in a town that floods and I know exactly what you are going through. It's not easy and sure isn't stress-free.

Sorry about the doctor's office. Jerk-offs.
Christina Lee said…
Wow those photos are amazing! But yikes!!!
So sorry your days have been rainy in more ways than one Pam! As someone who suffers from insomnia (convinced it's hormonal in my case), I know how horrible lack of sleep can make you feel. Hope you get some good rest and that the sun shines upon you soon. And even if sleep continues to evade you and the skies continue to pour, I still hope you'll find joy and beauty in the mundane and purpose in the frustrations. I tend to ruminate on life's frustrations all too often, but know that it's too short to live it feeling slighted and pissed off. And if nothing else there's always chocolate and wine :).
Kmama said…
How is your house doing? I hope everything is okay.

What a total PITA re: the doctor's office. I hate dealing with doctor's offices. They drive me crazy.

Thank you for linking up!!
Morgan said…
Im sorry for the lack of sleep and stay safe with all those flooded waters. I hope your home doesnt get affected.
Kelly said…
Praying that things are looking up in Nashville!

The pictures are amazing, it's scary to see how quickly a storm can get out of hand, even if its just rain.

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