Nashville Under Water

Hello Blog Friends,

If you have been following the news at all I
am sure you have heard of Nashville, TN.

Saturday started off with rains that continued
through the day and into the night. As the
evening hours drew near, our fair city
started to sink.

Keep in mind also, that this is not just
effecting the county that Nashville is in,
this is actually so wide spread that it is effecting
most Tennessee counties.

The rains came and they stayed. It rained all
day Saturday and into the night where at
some point it actually let up. Come Sunday
morning with the storms moving in again and
carrying chances of tornado's, my fair city,
hunkered down.

Sunday brought rains so heavy that you could
not even see across the street, and unlike usual
it did not move out fast. It rained pretty much
like that all day.

With the creeks, stream and rivers taking
on more then they can handle, flooding started.
Homes and business under water, people
losing all they have. And lifes being lost.

When all was said and done Nashville
recieved a total of 13.57 inches of rain in
2 days. Some out laying counties and towns
got up to 20 inches.

Today cleanups began, the water started going
down but not before it covered some of Nashvilles
historical Gaylord Hotel where I
know a lot of you blog people stayed just a few months
ago. It has covered all of Opry Mills Mall where I am
sure some of you ladies shopped. It has covered the
historical Grand Ole Opry as well as all the places I
am sure some of you walked on Broadway and
2nd Ave.

Please keep Nashville in your prayers. We have a lot
of clean up and a lot of work to do. But like true
Nashvillians, we have pulled together, we have supported,
we have helped, we have lent that needed hand.....we
always bond in trouble times. We will come back from
this just like we did after the tornados of 1997...but
your thoughts and prayers are always needed and

A bank located on the banks of Stones River. Loved
the sign.
The Target shopping center not far from my home.
Two grown men having some fun. Course coming
out of Stones River I am not sure what kind of
critters would be in that water.

A home down from me.

A golf and rec center that sits on the Cumberland River.
Everything covered here including two dogs that were
in one building. No one knew that the dams would have
to release water due to the stress on them, causing all
the areas below to flood like this.

Our football field where the Titans play.
The field inside is full.

A state office building with state cars. Our state government
really did not need a hit like this.

Hotel at the end of Music Valley Dr. across from Gaylord.
They are moving guest out to higher ground.

Also at Music Valley Dr.

These next few pics I did not take. But this will
show you what I was talking about.
Grand Ole Opry~

Inside the conversatory at Gaylord.

Thank you for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you posted this, so we can get better looks at the devastation. I just had a conversation with my family at dinner, and ran them through a flood drill should this happen to us here in Texas. We are keeping you all in our prayers, and know that your strength will pull you through such tough times.
Pam D said…
:<( You know that I'm doing all I can to make people aware of this. It still just blows my mind. I was going to come home next weekend for Mothers Day, but at this point I guess it's best for me to stay here and out of the way (i.e. off of the roads ... ). I'm checking with the folks at Adam's school to see if there's anything we can do, and once school is out, we'll come up and see if there's any way that we can help out. I'm so impressed by Nashville.... showing other cities how things should be done in a crisis!
Mr. Daddy said…
Wow that's a lot of water....and we are used to water here in the PNW....

keeping you all in our prayers.
Rachel said…
I am so sorry. I know it's tough to see your hometown under water (we had record setting floods last January and I blogged as a creek crested in our backyard and moving water was less than an acre from my keyboard).

Scary stuff and I hope the worst is over. Nashville is tough - PamD said it well.
Kelly said…
Thanks for posting. It's amazing that the media isn't reporting this!
Pam... I think you all were totally left off the news! It was really sad that they were not telling the country how bad ya'll were getting it!
Jamie had some minor damage to the duct work (in her crawl space)
Nashville is unlike any city in the world. Ya'll are a different breed, the way you help each other. One of Jamie's friend's said. Because people weren't looting and actiing stupid, the national news didn't have anything to cover.
Thanks for posting pics of the flood, your a great photographer~
I havent been up to date on all the flooding that has happened. Be safe and keep a boat near! LOL

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