True Story Tuesday - No Blood Left

When my son was little, about 5 or
so, I had been to the doctor to have
allergy testing done. With that I
had holes all up and down my back….

Later that week I had given blood to
the Red Cross through work.

When I picked up my son at Day Care
after giving blood, he wanted to know
why my arm had a bandage on it. I
laughed and told him I had given
blood but with all the holes in my
back I bet if I was to drink water it
would all leak out from all my holes.

Cory looked at me really thoughtful
for a minute then he got a really
concerned look on his face and he
said “don’t do that anymore”….I had
to ask don’t do what anymore and he
said give my blood away cause I was
going to give it all away and I would
not have anymore left.

Out of the mouths of loving babes!

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Cory all grown up

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awwwwwwwwww....he cares about his momma and her blood! LOL
Brandi said…
That is too cute, and you have a very handsome boy! :)
Foursons said…
Aw, your sweet little guy grew up into a handsome young man! So funny to be concerned about you running out of blood.
Rachel said…
Awww! Now isn't that sweet that he was so concerned about your wellbeing!

(If only they knew how much BLOOD sweat and tears went into raising them, huh? :)

Thanks for linking up - I always love your stories!
Mr. Daddy said…
did that childish concern for you stay with him as he grew older?????LOL
Christina Lee said…
AWWW they do say the darndest things!!
Fresh Mommy said…
Aww, I just love the things kids say, and the true concern they have for their parents. So sweet!!!


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