Its free therpy day over at Kmama at The Daily Dribbles.
So everyone jump on in and leave a post for
what you are Thankful (LOL) for!
Ooppsss, I just looked at Daily Dribbles and it looks
like there is no Thank you very much post as of yet.
Check back later.

Thank you very much for the idiot
that just would not move over into
that cleared lane so that I could
merge onto the parkway! Don’t you
people get it, if you can move it over
and get the heck out of the way then do it!

Thank you very much for the sleepless
night I had on Tuesday night. Oh my
gosh, how does a full moon mess with
you so bad when you are trying to
sleep? One strange dream after
another (that made no sense that
I can remember), the cold/hot
moments that kept taking turns
with both me and the dog! Cover
on, cover off, dog under cover, dog out!
What a night….

Thank you very much for the baby
birds I heard chirping in the attic
from the computer room.

Thank you very much for the little
piss ants that come every year into
the house at spring time just to piss me off!

Thank you very much for the
wood/carpenter bees that come
and drill holes under my shed
every spring…..I am sure you are
already out there I just have not
taken the time to go and look. But
let me just say, you are a pain in
my backside for deciding that you
have to do this at the front entrance
of the shed and not the back so I
can’t get in and out.

I am beginning to wonder if Nature
has it out for me this spring!

Thank you very much for yet another
sleepless night!

Thank you for the SUNSHINE…and that
one is a true, heartfelt, honesty to goodness

One last true, honest thank you goes
to the fact that Thursday (today) is the
last work day of the week…..that
deserves a REAL thank you also…..

Thanks for stopping in


Kmama said…
I have a linky up now, so I'm going to add you to it.

We get the carpenter bees too. What is it with them?? i hate bees, so I'm often running around screaming like an idiot when I go outside.

Thanks for playing along!

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