Jewelry Organization

See the rack with the door knobs?
That is what I use to hang my necklaces
on but I had so many necklaces that they
were all getting messed up and wrapped
together. Sometimes it became a struggle
just to grab something to wear that day...

Back in October I had a booth in
a local Octoberfest. To display jewelry
that I made, I fixed up this frame to
display everything on.

Using a 16x20 frame, some screen
and some old fashion curtain hooks I
made this....

It is now hanging behind my
bedroom door to help keep my
jewelry hanging nice and neat.

Hopefully this will make grabbing a necklace
to wear a bit easier.

While watching TV this evening after a long
day helping my Mom with a yard sale, I made
these for my friend Debbie.

She had seen some just like this that
I did for Octoberfest but in a different
color. I actually found some more candle
holders just like the others at Goodwill...
99 cents each.

Debbie gave me some beads that she was
interested in having on the holders...

Here is the finsihed project.

thank you for stopping in,


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