True Story Tuesday - Pole Dancing

Not a sport, dance or activity I would chose
for a profession but it worked on the
spur of the moment to win a t-shirt.

Stop laughing!

Back several years ago when I was
dating an old friend from school,
Michael, we took a trip to Metropolis,
Illinois with a couple other friends.
This was a one day trip for us but we
drove up in two cars since Michael had
business he had to go to after our trip
and I was riding home with David and
his wife, Beth.

Course the purpose of this trip was to go
onto the gambling boat there in Metropolis.

Me, I am not a gambler, I figure my money
is way to hard to come by.

Don’t get me wrong, throwing a few quarters
in a machine here and there is not a bad thing,
but I rather walk around watching everyone else.

Beth was on a machine that kept locking
up on her so the DJ that was on the 3rd
floor of the boat offered her a T-shirt
for her troubles. Course I laughed
and said I wanted one also. He laughed
back and informed me that I would
have to pole dance for mine. The point
here is, don’t throw something out
there like that and expect not to bite.

David and Michael were off at some
other machines and did not hear this challenge.

So, here it is, a concrete type pole in
the center of the room, right in front
of the DJ’s perch up above the machines,
not a thin dancing pole. But I went for it,
I did not do anything provocative or
anything like that but I did dance with
the pole. And I received a T-shirt, or
should I say Michael did cause I
wanted it for him anyway.

Course after the dance, which only lasted
a few seconds I looked around to see
Michael and David laughing their butts
off! At which point security came over
to me with a straight face and said he
had that on tape! Then David spoke
up and said, “can I get a copy of that tape”!

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Sierra said…
Oh no! Documentation is never good! Did Michael get a tape??
Kmama said…
Hahahahahaha!! Love that security caught it on tape. That's hilarious!!
Rudy Rukus said…
Very funny! Lesson learned "don't pole dance in casinos there are cameras everywhere" haha
lifebythecreek said…
Oh no you didn't!! Hahaha.. yes I AM laughing over here! With all of your "do it yourself" skills, you need to put a pole in your house so you can "exercise".... ;<)
Foursons said…
Oh my gosh! I am cracking up over here. Because seriously- I will do ANYTHING for a free t-shirt! Insane, but true. Bawahahaha
Rachel said…
Oh my goodness! They have evidence!

That is so funny that the DJ baited you like that - though I'm rarely one to turn down from a dare too!

Thanks for linking up!
Just Stacy said…
Stopping by from Once Upon a Miracle ... I too, have done a little 'something' for a free t-shirt ... there were cameras also, but none fast enough. Funny story. Funnier though if you posted the the vid .... ;)

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