True Story Tuesday - The Pickle

Ladies you know how it is when you are
pregnant you do get those cravings….they do exist!

When I was pregnant with my daughter
who is now 29 years old, I loved
chocolate éclairs! They were so yummy.
I have never had a craving for sweet’s
before then and only once since then
(peri menopause), I could take them or
leave them but this craving I could not
seem to leave! If I remember correctly
that was the only craving I had while I carried Amber.

Cory was a bit different. When I carried
him 23 years ago I craved dill pickles!
Maybe that was the difference between
girl (sweets) and boy (sour)! Who knows…..

Anyway, I loved a good dill pickle and
I pretty much had one to two a day.
Yes ladies, I took in all that salt. But
let me also say that I barely gained
over 20 lbs with Cory, with Amber
it was 53 (all those éclairs)!!!

I will never forget being at work one day
and going to the fridge to get my last
pickle in the jar. Okay, it was so bad
that I actually carried a jar of pickles to
work and ate off them till they were
gone. Anyway, our fridge was in the
typesetting room of the printing
division for the State of Tn. I was a
camera/darkroom operator at this
time….oh sorry, back to the story at
hand, it was lunch time (pickle time)!
As I got my JAR with only one pickle
left in it out of the fridge and I walked
pasted the typesetting machine,
carrying my jar down by my side and
holding it by the lid, I hit my hand
on the edge of the typesetting machine
……and yes, I dropped my jar!

There laid broken glass, pickle juice
and my one LAST pickle on the floor
of the type room! It was a craving, a
strong one that had me thinking of
that pickle an hour before lunch, had
me wanting that pickle so bad. And
thanks to that craving, I almost sat
down and cried for my lost, dirty,
covered with glass, laying on the floor,
last pickle.

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OM goodness, I am cracking up--you are too funny! Thanks for your sweet comments on my little bench tute.
I never craved pickles! :)
funny story, as usual!
thanks for commenting on my jute balls, now get busy making yours!
have a great week,
Mr. Daddy said…
I would leave a comment, but I'm off to the fridge to get a pickle...MMMMMmmmmmmmm!!!

thanks for linking up.
Rachel said…
too funny!

my husband was totally prepared for the expected pickle craving.

we threw away EIGHT bottles of unopened pickles, LOL... guess he was craving them more!

please tell me someone ran to the store to get you more???

thanks for linking up!

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