Trash to Treasures Tuesday - Bird Cage

I love thrift stores, yard sales and Goodwill for
places to find things that you can take and
enhance them and after reading different
blogs in the past year, you women have
taught me more about taking someones
trash and making it my treasure.

I went by Goodwill one day last week
on my lunch break and I found this .......
it was calling to me for a little love and

I paid a whole $2.99 for it. It needed something
in top where there was a hole. I stopped by
Hobby Lobby (great store for crafts) and
purchased this wooden finial for the top.
I painted it white then when it dried I
put a little stain on it to give it that "old"

On the inside I used some moss I had on hand and
my Mother supplied me with some red berries and
a gold pear. The bird, nest and eggs I purchased at
Hobby Lobby also.

I had a small stained wooden candle holder that would
hold a thin candle and I attached a clay
pot saucer that I also stained. On this I
rested my red 25 cent candle from a yard

Now with the project almost finished I realized
it needed a little something more. That is
when I attached the other bird (two to a pack
for $1.99).

And added some ivy I had on hand.

I think the project turned out really nice.

Total breakdown cost~~
Berries and
Moss.....on hand
Ivy .....on hand
small base candle holder and clay saucer ...on hand
paint and stain....on hand.....
Total $ 9.44
So what do you think? Please leave a comment and
thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
That is beautiful! How did you ever even think that up? I would have seen the cage and thought "Oh, another habitat for some critter that Adam might catch", and that would have been the extent of it for me. You just have vision, Pam.... what a gift!
Cute! I love that red in there and I really love that finial you chose! I'm always making my stuff look old so I'm always glad to see someone who shares that love, haha. :)
wow! sooo cute bird cage! You made it all looke so pretty!
Susan said…
I love what you did with the birdcage!! I especially like you choosing the red cardinals.
Ginger said…
Love the bird cage idea .Now going to look for one to use.

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