Thank You Very Much Thursday

Oh yeah, its that time of week again where
we give that heart felt THANK YOU
VERY MUCH post, the one where we
thank all those things, people and
events that caused us distress over
the past week. When finished reading
this, jump on over the Kmama’s at The Daily Dribbles
to read, vent and enjoy the fun.

Thank you very much for that person
in Goodwill

that parks a buggy in the center of a narrow
aisle and steps over just a bit to look at the
clothes rack…blocking both not only the
center but the side also preventing you
from going around.

Thank you very much for that whining
mood my grandson was in when I picked
him up last Saturday to come stay the
night. But a true heart felt thank you to
him for getting over that mood.

this is him being sweet

Thank you very much for that other
person but this time in Walmart that
just decides to stop and block that aisle
so I can’t get around.

Thank you very much for the child
that had the sniffles, coughing and
crying in the buggy at Walmart last night.

Thank you very much for the patience
that God decided to not give me!!!

Thank you very much for the tuna
juice I splashed up on the sleeve of
my shirt as I was fixing lunch of
Wednesday……even though I wiped
it off with lemon scented soap, I still
smelled it.

Since I have been at work I have put
hand sanitizer, vanilla smelling room
spray and scented hair spray on it
only to continue to smell it… I just
came from the rest room where I actually
washed the sleeve with soap and water….

And Thank you very much for the
rash I will probably
get for wearing my wet sleeve
around till it dried.


Thanks for stopping in,


Oh how funny! If I'm not careful I could do a "Thank you very much post" daily! I can so relate to all of these things and the pics you chose are perfect :). Hope next week goes better!
Foursons said…
I was loving all your pictures until that last one. Gross!

People with grocery carts in stores irritate me. They really need to learn that my time is much more important then their's. Hahaha
Anonymous said…
Okay that picture of that guy in the cart totally made me crack up! That was a riot! This is why I have to take Xanax to go to the grocery store...the stop and go and stop to gawk kills me. And Costco is the worst! With the really big carts and even bigger people and they all act like ravage dogs that haven't eaten in weeks waiting for their samples. I just want to start playing bumper carts! :D
Kmama said…
LOL at the pic of the guy in the cart!

Your grandson is HANDSOME!!

I'm totally cringing at the tuna juice and the picture of the rash. Aaaahhhh!!

Thanks for linking up!

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