Signs of Spring

Writting this post for my friend Nancy who
lives on the furthest tip of Ohio. She told
me yesterday when I told her about the signs
of spring that she still see's snow as she looks
out her window.....YIKES!

Look Nancy....we have green stuff
popping up all over!

I was out and about today, without my camera
of course...shame on me. I saw buttercups
in bloom and a tree that is budding out
all over with red buds.

I came home and decided to walk the
yard with my camera and see what
signs of spring I could find.

Sorry folks not good with the
official names of these things but
I do know what we call them here
in TN.....

This is a Lambs Ear. The leaves
feel so soft and a
lambs ear.

Next peeking up out of the ground around
the shed is one version of a Hostas. These
are my smaller ones, green and white in

And look I already have leaves on my Butterfly bush.

This is my hydrangea bush with its little3
budding leaves.

Buttercups that grow wild along side the

And if I am not mistaken...this is a weed. But
I love the pretty little purple blooms it gets
on it. Course if it was not for these things
and the wild violets that grow in the yard...
I would not have to mow!

An iris, color to be determined if it blooms
this year.

House clue why it is called that but
it grows close to the ground and they
starts shooting up. I gets a purple pinky
bloom in the fall close to the first cold snap.

These are some form of lilly. I had a bed
around the mail box that I dismantled
because it had gotten so out of control
and taken over with Day Lilies and Iris.
This is a lone survivor!

So far that is all in the yard. Can't wait till the
trees start to bloom...
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
OMG Spring has arrived in TN! Although I must say it was nice and sunny here today and very comfortable! Yeah!! I love your photos... nicely done and captured. Love the focus and color! I can't wait to see what you 'shoot' when True Spring is in session... TN has such beautiful color! Thanks so much for sharing... it just's on the way here...and I can't wait! lol.. Nancy M.; Ohio
Emily said…
We've been seeing lots of daffodils too which surprises me because I think it's been SO cold here!

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