Fund Raiser - Chair-ish the Last of Summer Fun

Six years ago I had a small childs rocker that
I played around with and painted. Actually,
I got my grandson, Caleb in on the fun. We
were just messing around and we painted
the chair all over with different colors
and shapes.

After the chair was finished I had no clue
what I would do with it. Caleb did not take
to sitting in a rocking chair so I figured I would
just throw it in a yard sale.

Phil, the young photographer I worked with
was looking a pictures of my paintings and in
the back of the book was a picture of the rocking
chair. After hearing the story on it he suggested
that I donate it to "Kids on the Block", a non-profit
group that does a fund raiser every year and the
theme is chairs.....for Chair-ish the Kids. Check
out there site....

Thanks to Phil this will be my 6th year to be a part
of Kids and this event. Last year I got my friend
Debbie involved and this year I added my friend

Today was drop off day for all the projects.
Since I am right outside of town I was taking
Debbie's and mine in, and since I had to drive
right past where Theresa works I picked her
up to drop her's off.

The actual event, silent auction and live auction
will be taking place on the 25th.

Okay with all that said, let me show you the
pictures for my project. In the past years I
have done 3 paintings, a stool and the childs
rocker. This is my first year to use my photography.

Imagine a woman sitting on a chair on the dock...
looking out over the lake, wishing for that last
swim before summer ends. These pics tell a
story of her without her being in the cameras eye.

She gets up to walk the bank of the lake.....

Comes back and hangs her hat on the chair so she
can feel the last of the summer sun in her hair.....
Next comes the shoes so she can wade at the
edge of the lake....
Then she decides to lose it all and take that swim...

I framed this project in two 11x14 frames. One holding
the first 2 pics and the second holding the last two pics.
They can be hung side by side or one above the other.
Photo's of course are black and white, a large white
matte around them and a black frame.
The title of this piece is "Chair-ish the Last of
Summer Fun".
Please leave a comment and let me know
what you think.


Foursons said…
What a neat fundraiser! I love your series of pictures- it tells a story greater than any book could. So creative are you!

I'm thinking the frames would look just fabulous in my home. :)
awww, such wonderful art! and a great cause!
I didn't know you were near n'ville. Coming to n'ville on weds to celebrate my bd with Jamie!
Hoping for good weather, and plan on going thrifting! So excited!
Christina Lee said…

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