Birthday Joke/Missing Clown/Over

If you read my post the other day about the birthday
joke that will not end then you will enjoy this post.
If not, jump on over to this post and see what is
going on....

Let me start by saying that the end of the last blog
on this was not exactly truthful, you see Cindy
reads my blog so I could not let her know that I
had actually found my clown a 2nd time. I lead
everyone to believe that I noticed the clown
missing from the hiding spot but in truth I
actually found her riding a bronzed horse in
my head bosses office!

But the wheels started to turn and I just knew
that I would have to turn the tables yet again.

I decided that Cindy would be presented with
a couple of arrest warrants. One for Breaking
and Entering of my office to find the said
clown a 2nd time. She found her hiding
in my desk drawer, behind files. Not only
was Cindy presented with that arrest
warrant, she was given one for Kidnapping,
again that said clown, twice!

Did you know that you could find all
these types of forms on the internet?

Anyway, I had a retired agent present
Cindy with the arrest warrants and at
the same time, he cuffed her!

Do you think she was surprised?

Cuffs being slipped on
Trying to put them on her while she takes
a minute to read the warrants.

All done!...and all she could think of and could say was
"I hope you have keys for these"!

After the fun.....which since my clown is in my car
now and the arrest have been done, its over.

All this fun was done for my birthday since I was hitting
the BIG 50.....but the really funny part is going to be
in a few months when Cindy hits the BIG 50!
She did mention to me today that she would not
be hurt if I decided to take the whole week of
her birthday off......NOT HAPPENING!
Pay back...and the theme has already been
picked and the plans are being worked out.
Watch out Cindy!
Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
Heeeee! (remind me to NEVER get on your bad side... ). I suppose Cindy didn't realize that she would end up with an arrest record over a clown joke... and what about Angel?
Rachel said…
Oh my goodness - this is the payback story that blogs are made for!

I love that you guys found some cuffs! That is just hilarious.

How on earth do you guys get anything done with all the fun stuff that happens at your office?!! :)

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