Trash to Treasure Tuesday

I have officially been a member of the blogging world
for 1 year now (2-6-09). In that year I have read
and learned so much about so many different things
from taking something that someone else would
deem and trash and making it a treasure.

I have been a recycler for years when it came
to tin, plastic, paper...etc...but I learned
so much more about recycling since I have
been blogging.

I found a end table on the side of the road
free a couple of years ago and for some reason
I was lead to pick it up and take it home. It
has resided in my shed since. I actually thought
that I could clean it up and my daughter might
be in need of it. But that never developed.

But just last week I realized I was in need
of some kind of stool in my living room so
I tracked out to the shed and brought
that once pretty end table to the craftroom!

The beginning....
the side was broken
So, after cleaning, restaining the sides and the legs. Removing the second
shelf, I cut some 3 inch foam and glued them in place.

I tightened up the legs and then cut some material to cover
the top of the table with.

the corner

and the finished product.

New life to old end table.
Total cost~~~
Table~ free
Stain ~ had on hand
Material ~ Free, Mom had it put away
Foam ~ $12.00 for two pieces of 3 inch foam.....
Not bad cost wise.
Thanks for stopping in,


great save! It turned out very nice.

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