Thank you very much Thursday

It’s that time of week where we show our
“Thank you very much” feelings to
whatever might have ticked us off or
made life a pain for us during the past
week. But before I start off with that
let me do a really thank you to my
family, friends and all the love and
laughter I have in my life. To the fact
that I still have a job when so many
don’t. I can afford my house note, the
utilities, food and have extra left over.
Thank you very much!

Now…to the real reason for Thank
you very much~~~~~~~

Thank you very much to the young man
across the street and his friend who
wanted to play that LOUD music from
the friends car last night as they just
sat there out front of the house! You
upset my dog who just sat on the bed
and barked….Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for the pain in
my back that I always have the day
after seeing my chiropractor. The
good thing is that tomorrow and
thereafter it should feel better.

Thank you very much for the time
keeping program I use at work that
still does not have all the kinks worked
out after a year and a half, and for all
the crap, errors and kicking me out that
I went through trying to get time in

And last but not least, thank you very
much for the fact that I was sleeping
so good this morning (not a bad thing)
that I turned off two alarm clocks and
almost slept over to long.

Now….with that said, let me throw
out a real thank you to you for stopping in at my blog.
Just jump right over to The Daily Dribbles
and read some more "Thank You Very Much"



Rachel said…
So crazy how people play music so loud. You know it's too loud if *I* can hear it, right? Or if your platelets are bouncing with the bass...
Oka said…
Hate over sleeping, but sometimes our bodies know more than our heads do.

I can't stand neighbors and their friends that can't respect others. As if they are all that ever matters.
Michelle Pixie said…
Grrr Neighbors! We have more issues with them then I can count.

Love when my hubby turns the alarm off and we over sleep...I know I don't have a job that I can be late for but 6:30 always rolls around too early for my liking!
Kmama said…
I hate some of my neighbors for that very reason. I laughed so hard at that picture!! Now that's a car.

Sorry about the timekeeping situation. I used to do some payroll and a good timekeeping system makes all the difference in the world!!

Thanks for linking up!
Oh we have some neighbors down the street... loud cars 24/7. said…
Love these :)

We have a neighbor who does the same thing, Love the car. Don't show him!!!
Christina Lee said…
The car/music thing happens to us all the time. We live across the street from a house of teens!
Pam D said…
Well look at you, missy, gettin' all fancy with the pictures! LOVE it! And I also love the fact that your grateful heart won't let you do a purely complaining post... we DO have lots to be thankful for, don't we? I know I'm thankful to Facebook for reconnecting us! Now, tuck in and get ready for the next round of snow... while we still have nothing but rain.....
Emily said…
Seriously, why do people play music so loud? They'll probably be deaf by the time they are least I hope! :)
Fresh Mommy said…
Haha, well this is at least fun to read, even if it's not fun when you're going through it! And music in the car outside your house, nice.

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