Thank You Very Much Thursday

It’s therapy time!!

Thank You Very Much Thursday, where
we link up with Kmama at The Daily Dribbles
to express our heart felt, warmest THANK
YOU’s for the crap we took the past week.

So here I go~~

Thank you very much for the COLD weather
that reappeared after Mother Nature
gave us two pretty days on Saturday and
Sunday with temps almost into the 70’s.

Thank you very much MOTHER
NATURE for spitting that white stuff
down on us again today. (Seriously,
thanks for making it just flurries)

Thank you very much for High Cholesterol
that is requiring me to take meds for it and
thank you very much to my insurance
company that will not cover the one the
dr. wanted to put me on!

Sorry, not paying $75.00 a month that
will add up to hundreds and hundreds
really fast.

Thank you very much for the memory
lapse that I had the other day on how
to connect up the phone and tv to the
modem and computer!

! Thank goodness, it hit me what I
was doing wrong. I would call that a
senior moment but since I have sleep
apnea I like to refer to those times as
“lack of oxygen to the brain moments”!

Thank you very much for the sleepless
nights I have had all week and it has NOT
a thing to do with my apnea. Just when
you think you have your life worked out
you have to worry about others.

Thanks for stopping in,


Michelle Pixie said…
We've had the weather teasers too and I am so over it! I want spring!!

Sorry you had such a rough week. I hope you get some sleep and things get better!
Pam D said…
Oh piffle. I'm sorry that you have to worry about someone else to the point that you lose sleep (obviously, my son is not yet a teen or I would know all about that, eh?) And stupid weather; I was seriously ready for spring after this weekend. The bitter cold today is a slap in the face, especially since I don't feel great. Thank goodness for hot tea! I was planning to head to Nashville with Adam tomorrow to visit my mom; how's the weather looking for the weekend?
Kmama said…
We were up to 44 degrees last Saturday and then had a major snow storm roll in on Sunday night. Crazy weather!

I hope you can get some sleep soon. I'm with in the sleep deprivation!

Thanks for linking up!

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