Horse Show

My niece, Paige is almost 23 years old and has been
showing horses since she was around 14 or so.

Most of the shows that she has performed in have
been in Arizona and Canda. Until she started college
in Kentucky she was not doing any shows in Tennessee.
This is a college event that I attended today.

This is my nephew, Paige's brother and his wife Susan.
If you ever saw me you would more then likely see me
with a camera in my hands. Looking at this pic of Chase you
will see that it runs in the family. My brother Ray is
a good with his camera also.

This is Sally, Paige's dog, she is waiting for Paige to come
back while she watches the horse in the rink.

And this is Paige, she is showing a school horse.

Paige has won the reining championship several times
and just recently recieved an award for Horse Woman
of the Year in Az.

I was listening to her coach talking with my brother
today and it is so nice to hear the praise that he
was giving out about Paige.

Look how nice she looks in her performing

I love to watch her perform, her and her horse
become one with each other.
Paige did not place in the events I saw today but
I enjoyed watching her just the same. She did
have enough points to go on to tomorrows events
and I am wishing her the best of luck.
Love you Paige.
Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
I'm so glad you got to see her! Great pics, and I know she will love this post! I wish I were there; I don't know if you remember how horse crazy I was as a girl, but I still do love the ponies! Jennifer Lee and I... remember.. we used to run around the schoolyard pretending that we were horses...
Christina Lee said…
THAT is so cool- love the pic of her doggy too!
Fresh Mommy said…
That is awesome. It's been so long since I've been to a show! She is beautiful.


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