The Good Witch of the South

In the words of Deborah at work~~

You saw the feet of the Wicked Witch of
the East as her stripe stocking feet
curled up under the house and disappeared.

You saw the Wicked Witch of the West
with her emerald green face and her
wicked laugh as she said “I’ll get you
my pretty and your dog too”.

You saw the Good Witch of the North as she
helped Dorothy from Munchkin land and
into Oz, helping Dorothy to find her way
home as she clicked her heels………

But alas, where was the Good Witch
of the South?

Picture this, a beautiful woman with
her makeup just so, high hair, and a
beautiful simple dress of ruffles and
lace, carrying her parasol with one
hand (like Scarlet O’Hara)

as the other hand is placed on her hip
and with a thick southern draw she says
(kind of like Paula Dean), “Hey ya’ll”!

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Sounds like a good description of the witch of the south. :)
tool box... I have a large one in the garage, a craftsman with all the drawers... but sure can't be haulin' that thing around!
hope you have a great weekend.
Rachel said…
That is too perfect! I love it!

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