Thank You Very Much Thursday

Today is Thank You Very Much Thursday
So when you finish here jump on over
there and check it out.
To the sinus pressure I have had to
deal with all week long....thank you
very much.
To Walmart that I am b0ycotting
because they never have what I go in
for anymore...thank you very much.
To the mess I have left in my process
of cleaning up the craftroom...where
did all that stuff come from....thank
you very much.
And the to ice and snow that is due
to hit here after I get to work tomorrow...
let me THANK YOU VERY MUCH ahead
of time (can't you do it before I come to
work so maybe I don't have to go and not
have to worry about getting home)?
And on that note I think it deserves another
Now that I have vented that, jump on over
and check out some more Thank You Very
Much Thursday!
Thanks for stopping in (and I do mean that),


Rachel said…
Oh no - sorry about the sinus stuff, no fun!

And I can SO relate about wondering where all the stuff came from when I try to organize something! hee hee
Brandie said…
I am boycotting Walmart too. They are miserable! Seriously. I am done with the weather too!
Kmama said…
Sounds like a lot of people are expecting winter storms again. We still have had a pretty light winter in Michigan (aside from the COLD).

Yeah, and walmart sucks!!

Thank you for linking up!
Christina Lee said…
Oh sinuses always get me--no fun!We are in a deep freeze over here!
Debbie said…
Sorry about the sinus trouble. I hate sinus pain!
And I have been boycotting Walmart for 15 years!
Pam D said…
Well, the sinus stuff decided to migrate down here; I spent the morning in bed sleeping (thank you VERY much!). The snow? No, no it did NOT migrate down here, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the gazillion pictures and comments that you put on Facebook to make me green with envy. *sigh* I want snow.....thank you very much!

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