Caleb...just last fall
Caleb and Nana (I) taken a couple
of years ago.

I am addicted to Facebook! I found it almost
a year ago and I have been a daily visitor since,
and I must add more then once a day ( I don't
even count it )....

I have reconnected with friends from school
(and I have been out a while), its a great way
of keeping up with family in other states and
just daily chit chat.

Last week there was a post (can't remember who
it started with) that asked you to post something
that you are thankful for from then till Thanksgiving.
I have posted that I am thankful for family, friends,
my job, and my health so far.

I was telling my sweet grandson, Caleb who is nine
about this and then I asked him what he was thankful
for. His reply, after just a second of thought was that
he was thankful for his great family! That reply made
his Nana happy, it was a sweet reply and he did not even
have to think about it.

Two days later when he came to stay the night with me
I asked him again what he was thankful for. Without
thought he replied that he was thankful for Sgt. Young.
This sparked my attention so I asked who that was.
Sgt. Young, a man my grandson has never met, is the
husband of Caleb's math teacher. Sgt. Young is a doctor
in the service and has just returned from over seas.

Now I know that the teacher talks to her students about
her husband and where he was because Caleb told me
a few weeks ago that she was not there that day cause
he was coming home. I think that is so neat that she shares
this experience with her kids. They now know that Sgt. Young
was at war, protecting them but he was also the doctor
to help with the injuryed. What touches me more is that
my nine year old grandson knows the importance of this and
he is thankful for Sgt. Young and the job he has done for

They say things like "out of the mouths of babes", and I
consider this reply to me as being out of the mouth of a
very sweet, loving and kind hearted young boy. I am
blessed and very thankful for him in my life.

Thanks Caleb,
Love Nana

Thanks for stopping in,
Nana aka Pam


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