Stair Redo

Morning all,

This post is done in reply to a question
that Gail at My Repurposed Life had.

The stairs after the removal of the carpet. Your basic
building material grade wood...not much to work
with. And I really could not get into the expense of
putting finished tops on the stairs or ripping these
out and putting in all new.

First I primed and painted the rise in white. I did not
paint the over hang lip (for lack of knowing that it is
actually called ), instead I stained it. But being that
the stairs were not good grade wood or pretty enough
to redo I went with this wood looking product.
This is a product that I found at Lowes. It comes in
strips of about 4 inches wide and....oops, forgot the
actual lenght! Sorry.....But this stuff is easy to work
with, it is your basic peel and still flooring only in
strips. Cuts with sissors.

My issue was that my stairs did not meet together and
there was a gap there. So...the fix for that was corner
round, stained.

So there you have finished product. I have had
a couple of pieces slip and had to re-glue I
suggest getting the glue that you can apply to the back
of the floor product. It will prevent slipping of the
product that way.

Hope this helps Gail.


Pam... my daughter actually told me that you commented. :) I was busy puttying the stairs and didn't see your comment. So, you're in n'ville too? cool! I believe I've actually seen your original post. I like the look of stained and white, and I was hoping she might change her mind. The wood of the step is in much better condition than the riser(is that the white part?)
I may be able to get away with staining, instead of the peel and stick. Thanks so much for putting in your 2 cents worth! It means a lot to me.
ps now while the putty dries, I'm going out to work on her head board and foot board.
Anonymous said…
Dang, girl. You are just too crafty for your own good! That looks incredible! Are you for hire?
Anonymous said…
About how many stairs was this? What was the cost? I love this and it looks great!

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