Just a Few Hints

The other day a woman at work made the comment
that her shoes squeaked. So I shared my fix that I
learned via the internet. Lifting up the in sole of your
shoe and sprinkling powder in them and replacing
the in sole. She tried it and it worked great. I posted
this fix last week....

But that conversation lead to another one.....

She proceeded to tell me that her nieces dog had
been laying on her jacket and it was covered with
hairs. She had been using a lint roller to remove them.
I then told her to put the jacket in the dryer on
air dry for about 10 minutes. That will remove those
dog hairs.

You can also do this with silk flowers or vines for
knocking off the dust. I usually put mine in a
pillow case and throw them in the dryer.

If the dust is more stubborn then throw a damp
rag in the pillow case also! Thanks Mom for
that tip.

Speaking on pillow cases:

Do you hate to dust off the ceiling fans? So dislike
it when you wipe them and all that dust up there
goes here and there? Take a pillow case and put it
over the blade like you would if you were slipping
a pillow in there. Gather it up on the open end and
slid it back off the blade...taking the dust with it.

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