I Heart Faces - Autumn Beauty

Hello...this is my first time to be a part of I Heart Faces at
This shot is my niece, Holly. I had her out taking pics of
her this weekend and this is one shot that I just love.
Look at that face, laughter, smiles and fun.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Well, what about that! Way to go, gf... welcome to my favorite "big" blog on the internet! I <3 "I Heart Faces"! That's a fabulous picture.. but now you've started something. You see, with that background on your blog, you can't see it well unless you click and enlarge. Next thing you know, you'll be starting a photoblog, just like me. If you give a girl a blog, she's gonna want to put up pictures. And when she puts up pictures, she'll want to enter I Heart Faces. But once she does that, she'll decide she needs a photoblog....
**Nicole** said…
Welcome to I Heart Faces :) It's so much fun! :D

I LOVE this picture!!! It's so wonderful and cute, thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much for your comment on my entry as well!
AJ said…
Awesome shot! She looks so happy and carefree ...
jen said…
I love this photo! You captured a great moment! Thanks for the nice comment.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Great picture - loves the falling leaves!

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