Happy Thanksgiving

Hoping that you all had a great Thanksgiving.
I sure did. Family, laughs, good times and
great food.

Thanks to my brother, Ray and my sister in
law, Lori for having Thanksgiving at their
house which is big enough to hold us all and
we all can move around. Love you guys.
Everything was so nice. We all bring something
but thanks really goes out to them for what
they do and for allowing all to join in.

We had turkey, ham, dressing, two kinds
of sweet potatoes, creamed taters, and
cheese taters. Baked beans and green
beans, corn casserole and rolls. We
had sweets, and sweets and more

We were able to visit with each other,
take family photo's and enjoy each

My Thanksgiving was made even better
when my nephew, Chase asked me to
go with him after dark to downtown
Nashville to photograph. Chase has
recently gotten into photography and
he wanted to do night shots of buildings
and city shots. I was all to willing to
join him and honored that he asked
his FAVORITE aunt! Okay, that might
be a stretch but that is my story and
I will stick to it!!!

Chase came by and picked me up and
out we went camera's in hand. I did
not do that much shooting but I enjoyed
watching him. He is very talented and
I think he got some really great shots
to work with. Can't wait to see what
he turns out using an effect called
HDR. I was very impressed listening
to him tell me about the steps he
takes to get the finished product.
Thanks Chase, I really had a great time.

Now my day is slowing down and I
think I will curl up on the sofa with
my dog and chill out a bit.


Anonymous said…
Hey Pam! We were in town but only for a little while. I saw Mark Glover's mom at Arby's, and she said he's coming into town the day after Christmas, which is most likely when we'll come, too. I know it's a crazy time for most, but do you think we could get a DuPont group together at a restaurant at some point? I'd love to get together with everyone for a little while,especially since I keep missing all of the reunions.
So glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did,too, even if we ended up eating at Ryan's. The food was good, there was zero cleanup, and we were together. That's what it's all about, right? hugs....
Texas Shooter said…
Mark here!

Our family ate Thanksgiving dinner at Ryans for years here in Texas, it was always packed with folks who had the same idea.

Then they closed a bunch of the stores and ours was one of them :-(

Pam, you are the responsible person for locating a place to gather, since the other Pam and I are out-of-town!

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