Hands and Stitches

Okay, so I had surgery on my hands, yes, both
of them 11 days ago. For those just reading about
this I had a cyst removed from my ring finger on
the left hand and a bone spur from the thumb
on the right hand.

I have not been limited much on typing (that is
my job) except for the first 4 or 5 days and it
was a hunt and peck sort of thing. After that I
can type, just not overdo it. The thumb is
still swollen but both are healing nicely.

My biggest issue is that I have to keep them
dry. So washing your hands is fun! I normally
wash the thumb and two fingers next to the
thumb on the left. Washing the right hand
is a bit better, I can hold the thumb out and
wash the whole hand. I have learned to work
with it.

The next problem with keeping them dry is...
showering and washing your hair. Yes folks,
I have showered and I do wash my hair..daily!
I have been wearing latex gloves with rubber
bands at the wrist to keep water from running
in. Not so bad except by the time the shower
is over, I am ripping the gloves off. You have
to have the rubber bands tight you see so I
get them off before the hands turn blue.
Shampooing is an issue, do you know how
hard it is wearing latex gloves to know if you
have gotten all the shampoo out of your hair??
I just stand there a bit longer to be sure it is
getting out cause I sure can't feel it.

Okay, out of the bathroom!

The next issue is cooking! I have bandaids on
the fingers but try cooking and not getting that
wet! So I take the bandaids off and then the
stitches really get wet, but I figure I can dry
them and the air helps.....but do you want
raw chicken around that area???

There are more issues that I have learned to
work around but I don't want to bore you so
I will add a few touches to this blog on this
subject and let it go. One issue is just
being limited on things you can do. There
is that fear of hitting or knocking them. Not
being able to limit over 5 lbs and not being
able to really use them for things like
painting, crafts or even stripping that
table I started on before surgery.

Last but not least, changing from park to
reverse or drive. My car's gear thingy is
between the seats (auto), but there is a
button on the side that you have to push
in before moving the gear stick. Its on my
right side of course, and there is the issue
of the swollen thumb! Okay so I turn my
hand and use my first three fingers to
do this now...course I wonder how many
times I try with the thumb before I feel
the pain??

Anyway, this is life in my eyes or should
I say with my hands.
Thanks for stopping in.



Anonymous said…
Yeah, I saw your Facebook "Ouch" comment. It ain't all roses and pancakes, is it, sister? So sorry that it's taking so long..I surely hope that this is a lifetime cure!

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