Trash to Treasure Tuesday-Age and Love for Older Things

I remember when I was young not liking
older things at all. I liked history but
I can’t say that I liked the history
behind an item or the desire to
have an older item in my home,
with or without that history. As
I have aged, that has changed. My
home is a mixed of new and old, hand
me down and then the newer things.
I find myself leaning more to the older
hand me downs or the things that I have
acquired at a sale, flea market or antique
store. These are my trash to treasure items
that I am posting today.

First there is my black kettle. I would say
this is fairly old for one reason and one
reason only….its so heavy and so well made,
you don’t find items made like this anymore.
It was given to me by an old friend a couple of
years ago and a great added addition to my

A couple more items given to me are the
meat grinder and the egg keeper. A
friend of my Mothers that lives up the
street from her was having a yard sale
a year or so ago and these items belonged
to her Mother in law. The sale was finishing
up and I had these items in my hand to
purchase. Ms. Betty just told me to take
them, she would not let me pay for them.
Once again, really nice additions to my
kitchen oldie look!

The next two items were somewhat of a
find and a give to me. I was cleaning one
of my brothers houses, a woman had
moved out and left a couple of items
behind. I found them while cleaning
and my brother said to take them!
This metal pitcher was one of those
finds. It is a bit beat up and rusty in
places but I think it has character! The
next find that I located that day was this
glass vase. Not an old item but it was
perfect! It is so heavy and solid and a
bunch of cut flowers displayed in this vase
show so pretty

The small ivory handle razor that you see
standing up here was a find. I found this
walking around the lake when the lake was
low and down about 25 years ago. Where
our lake stands use to be farm land with
homes and barns. When that area was
flooded for the lake it was flooded with
houses still in tack. Sometimes you can
locate all sorts of things that have over the
years floated up on shore. This razor being
one of those rare finds

The strainer I picked up at a yard sale for a
couple of dollars a few years ago. It is one
of those items that is hard to display. It
has set on the courter for dish towels to
be placed in at one point, it has been placed
on a shelve, but now it just sits on the end
of my table as a sort of catch all. But it adds
that old feel to the kitchen.

Last but not lest is all the items I have
purchased here and there for my walls.
There are whisk, strainers, bottle openers,
mixers and a potato masher. The old baby
plastic cup is indeed old….it was mine when
I was a child!

Hope you have enjoyed a somewhat tour of
my kitchen and the items that were once
someone else trash but have now become
my treasures. Thanks for stopping in and
please leave a comment.


Michelle said…
I love the collage. How fun to have all those kitchen treasures!
Pam D said…
So many neat old things, Pam! And so many different places that you found them, too. I moved a bit when I was younger, and I didn't keep some of the neat old things I had. Now I've been in this house for nearly 20 years, and the stuff that I got new is starting to get "old"... does that count?
Thanks for the tour! I think I like the grouping on your wall best of all!
You've found some great treasures! I love to imagine the history of an item, especially old kitchen utensils. Thanks for sharing!

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