Trash to Treasure Tuesday

One day a few weeks ago I showed this item that I
had gotten at Goodwill on my Trash to Treasure Tuesday.

This past Saturday I was at the local animal shelter fund
raiser and I ran across another one that was almost like
my first. I had to get it. I paid $1.50 for this one. They
both look so cute on my porch.

Also, I picked up this Christmas wire basket type thing. I
love it. It will make a perfect basket for gift giving for
Christmas. I found this one at the local animal
shelter fund raiser also. This one also cost me $1.50.

From there Mom and I stopped at a couple of yard sales.
I found this cute lamp. I was not to crazy about the
shade but the old mason jar and lid was really neat.
The crayons will go and I will replace them with marbles
maybe and I will also replace the shade. This will look
so cute on the counter in my kitchen. Works great,
I gave a whole 75 cents for this item.

Now, to show you a couple of pieces that I picked
up several years ago at a senior citizen home
fund raiser. I was walking around, up and
down the tables looking things over when I
noticed this bowl. It just grabbed my attention.
I thought it was really pretty and it was only $1.00.
As I walked around looking for other stuff I happened
to see a woman carrying a large platter type plate
that was the same pattern as the bowl I had. I asked
the woman where she found it, hoping there were
more pieces but there was not. I was about to ask
her if she wanted the bowl to go with the plate when
she asked me! Of course I wanted it. So I got both
pieces for a total of $2.00. I have tried to look them
up on the internet and have been unable to find
anything on them. The plate stands on the top of
my secretary in the living room and the bowl as fake
fruit in it and sits in the bottom of a stand in the kitchen.

Bottom of the bowl and plates


The last trash to treasure items I am going to show
are some more items that my brother made. I
showed some a few weeks back but these are
some other ones. Mark makes these out of metal,
screws, and other things he has laying around. I
love the spring dog. I love his talent and his sight
with making these things

Thanks for stopping in. Please leave a comment so I know
you have been here.


Tootsie said…
you made some fabulous finds! I am a bike-a - holic too!!!
patinamarie said…
I love the spring dog too! I have a large glasses-wearing mouse with a spring tail that I, of course, bought at a thrift store for less than I would have paid for a new spring!

He holds open my scrapbook room door that leads out to an upper deck! I love him too!

Great find on the bowl/plate! Don't ya just love those kind of happy-accidents???
Michelle said…
The bikes are too darn cute!
Condo Blues said…
I love the springy dog!
Sue said…
Love your finds---but the spring dog really kicks--would like to have him on my front porch.

Leah said…
Wow, I really love those metal animals!

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