Trash to Treasure Tuesday - Two Cabinets

Today I am going to feature in my Trash to Treasure Tuesday
two really great pieces that came my way.

The first is a oak cabinet with three glass sides. The right side
opens as a door. It has a light in the top but it has not worked
since I got it. I have yet to get in there and mess around with
it to get it working...Maybe that will be another project.

This cabinet includes three glass shelves also. I have several
of my favorite items displayed in this cabinet in my kitchen.

I found this item at a yard sale next door to my Mom. The
family that was living there had sold their home and was
moving out west and selling most everything they owned...
no they were not going by wagon train! The buy on this
was just way to perfect to pass up. Not a scratch on it....
$10.00! What a steal. I love it.

The next item was an even better steal. Can you say FREE. I
love FREE. The woman that lives a couple of doors up from
my Mother had this in her home and during one of her sales
she was getting rid of this. She had a $40.00 price on it.

My brother has a really large home and he has quite a bit of
collectable and antiques. Mom called him and told him about
this item, asking him if he wanted it. He said he did. They
got it to Mom's garage, Ray paid Mom back and it sat in her
garage for 2 years. Finally, I told Mom that if he did not get
it I was going to pay him the money and I was taking it.
The word was past on and he told Mom to tell me to just
take it home he really did not have room for it anyway.

It is an awesome secretary. The top drawer actually
opens to be a small desk top with a slot for mail. It is
really cool. pic, it would have required me to
clean out some junk to take one!

Anyway, these are my two feature items for Trash to Treasure way of recycling the old or reusing something
else that someone else did not need.

Thanks for stopping in and please leave a comment.


Holy cow! Can you say "Awesome deals!!" LOL Really, beautiful pieces! Congrats on getting them.
Anonymous said…
mmmmmmmmmmm. Love all that warm wood color!
Oh my goodness! You seriously scored here! Congrats on the great finds.
Vintage Junky said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! It is funny that we live so close!
Denise Marie said…
girlie, the lord really smiled on you!! I'm droolin'
jeanne said…
Wow, love those cabinets. Bargain is an understatement. they are both beautiful.

Have a happy day.

Hugs, Jeanne
Wonderful cabinets! Especially the free one -- I have one that is almost its twin.

Those fold down desks are called "butler's desks" because in the old days, the butler of the house kept some of the household records in there, easily accessible in the dining room when needed. Around here we call these pieces "breakfronts," because the front middle part sticks out a bit further than the two sides -- so the front is "broken."

Yours is lovely! And yes, FREE is the best ... mine was free too!

Enjoy them... Cass

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