Ever just have one of those days where
something is said that just sticks in your
mind and hangs with you? A saying, a
phrase, a comment or a statement….

In my office we tend to pick up on those
type of things on a regular basis. For a
while there I was even keeping a weekly
list for the “phrases of the week”! That got
a bit hard cause at the end of the week
when I sent the list out to people, I either
had to remember what the conversation
was that lead up to that phrase and or
comment or I had to explain it to someone
that happen to not be around when it took
place…it was getting harder to do that each
week. And then there were those times with
each comment or phrase that it just was not
as funny unless you were there, you know
the ones I am talking about…the ones where
you busted a gut laughing at but when you
retold it, the impact was just not there!

Today one was said that just seems to be
hanging with me. Deborah in the office
made the statement that the hand sanitizer
she used at the doctor’s office had a strong
smell. She asked could we smell it, and of
course we could not. So she commented
that it was in her nose! Okay, you know
what I am talking about here, when you
smell something and it seems to stick to
the inside of you nose and you can’t shake
it no matter what you do (unless of course
you put VICK’s vapor rub up your nose)!
Well, Deborah proceeded to say that her
“nose had more memory then her mind
had”. Now, that I write it I am sure that
does not appear to be funny to most of
you, but at the time and even now it is to
me…I like that saying and I can relate. I
can relate because usually when you have
that smell that sticks to the inside of your
nose and will not let go, it is usually not a
good smell, know what I mean?

There is another saying that seems to come
up in this office often, one that in the
beginning made my stomach turn. Now,
keep in mind here, I have a cast iron
tummy, not much can make it turn….
but this did for some reason. The saying
is “Hanging in there like a hair on a biscuit”
….now come on, that is just not a vision
I care to be a part of. Nasty. Well, it’s been
said, laughed at, said some more, over and
over again in the last couple of months
(I think because they knew what it did
to me) that I have gotten over it pretty
much. That is a phrase I am sure that
will come back to haunt me time and
time again when I least expect it to,
when I have put my guard down and
my tummy is settled!

Deborah is a woman that lives for big
hair! Yes, you heard me, she has big
hair and wears it proudly! One of her
sayings is “The higher the hair, the
closer to heaven”. Due to this I have
decorated her magnet on our office
board with a pic of a woman with big

Now Cindy, she is what one might refer
to as our little devil. Cindy has been
dealing with the hormonal change
issues that all of women deal with at
some point in time so with that from
time to time (often) those little devilish
remarks come out. For this Cindy’s
magnet was adorn with horns, a tail
and a pitchfork.

Me, what can we say, my magnet
should have angel wings! LOL…..
hahahahaha….but no that would
not be a true picture at all. I am a
clown at heart. I was a class clown
in school, I am a jokester now and at
one point in my life I did children’s
parties as a clown, so my magnet is
decorated with the pic of a clown.

Now that you have a somewhat clear pic
of the three secretaries here in this office
maybe now you can understand why simple
sayings such as “hairs in biscuits” and
“nose having memory” can become so
funny to us all. Think about what type
of comment could have come from this
~ Bikers week/rain/leather/sunshine……..

Thanks for stopping in,
Have a great day and find a phrase
to laugh about.


Cloud said…
i like your blog so much!
i will follow you after this.
Oh yes, my nose DOES have a better memory than I do! Hair on a biscuit? Hahahahahahah.... My dog Dion says he'll eat the biscuit anyway.
Let it Shine said…
love your background.
the newspaper thing had me CRACKING up.


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