Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Okay, so I am a bit unprepared for Trash to
Treasure Tuesday! Why you are
wondering, well…for one, I forgot to
get the pictures together until late
last night right at time that I was
heading to bed. So at that point I also
wrote up a quick piece to go along with
my pictures but I needed to edit it. So,
instead of posting it to my blog, I sent it
to work, via email and figured I would do
it first thing this morning before work got

Since I don’t have that to post, gosh I
wonder what went wrong. Either I think
I clicked on send or it is floating around
somewhere in cyberspace. Then again
sometimes emails will get held up in the
hopper of our email provider, scanning,
checking for spam and things like that
for a bit…but I really expected it to be
here this morning. Oops!

So instead of doing my regular Trash to
Treasures Tuesday I am going to refer to
a blog I have been following and one that
I just love. The thought and ideas that I
have learned and that have come to me
in the past week or so since I started to
follow this blog makes me want to leave
my job and start a little business! Check
it out for yourself at

It also don’t hurt that by posting her link
in my blog I will be in the running for
one of her neat little give a ways! Wow…..
those are so neat. But even don’t win one,
I will still be following this blog for a long
time to come. She has some creative ideas
and like I said, I have picked up some great
ones myself. So go back and check her out.

Thanks for stopping in and please leave
a comment,


Pam... thanks so much for linking to me and the very kind words! How sweet!
Please go back to my blog and leave a separate comment. Giveaway entries are selected by a random number generator. It will select a number as a winner.
If you only leave one comment, you only have one entry.
You need to leave a comment about the style you like (which you did)
but you need to leave an additional comment about blogging about my giveaway. That way, you have more than one chance to win! :)
thanks! thanks! thanks!
jeanne said…
Hi Pam, I too like the repurposed life blog. I just discovered her today. Good choice for posting today.

Hugs, Jeanne
Unknown said…
Thanks for showcasing one of my favorites too! Please remember to link back to REINVENTED in your post so that everyone will find out about Gail's fabulous blog!
Tabitha Blue said…
Oh it's a bummer when emails get stuck in space somewhere... good post though, and I'll be checking out that link!

I saw these the other day and thought they were so cute! Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Anonymous said…
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