Office Joke - Birthday Surprise

I have always been one that is always full
of jokes, fun remarks and laughs even
at the office or work place. I found
that if you did your job but there was
laughter it helped to make the day go
by faster and the work to flow smoother.
I found that to be true for sure on the job
I have now. But little did I know that
there would be so much competition in
that area! Most times before I can come
up with a good one liner (and I am usually
Johnny on the spot with them) someone
else has jumped in with one or before I
can think of a good trick to play, someone
else has come up with one…..not this time.

We work in nice neat little cubes with
about 5 foot or so walls. We tend to talk
to one another over the walls through out
the day. There is a man that works down
from me, very nice retired Navy man, keeps
to himself, and there are some days that
I wonder how he handles the days with
all of us women around him. He never
remarks on our conversations, our
comments or remarks, unless we call
out his name. He is fun to have around.

Last week was his birthday. He took
vacation last week and the first part of
this week. He will return to work tomorrow
(Thursday). I thought it would be nice to
gift wrap his office for him for a b-lated
b-day gift! I have done this before, to Phil,
the photographer I worked with before
coming to this job. Just not so sure how
this guy will take it! Guess we will see

Everything in his office, well, most
everything is wrapped in newspaper.
The chair, keyboard, screen, personal
belongings, the hanger for his coat but
tonight before leaving I will seal the
entrance to his cube with paper and I
will apply a Happy B-lated B-day sign
on the front!

Enjoy the pics!
Thanks for stopping in and leave a
comment please.

File cabinet

computer screen/keyboard



Vintage Junky said…
That is so funny! I use everything that follows me home. Or give it as gifts. The house isn't too cluttered though. I get rid of a lot of older things.
Hahaha... oh MY I am not sure what the reaction will be to this stunt, but it's hilarious... who is going to take off all the wrappings?

You must have been FULL of newsprint by the time you were done.

And -- if you want to see my breakfront and be amazed how similar it is to yours, it's the middle thing featured in this old post:

Take care... Cass

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