Octoberfest Coming Up

Octoberfest is coming up for 17th and 18th of next month.
Although I have been to these things and to different kinds
festivals I have never been a part of anything like this so this will
be all new to me. Wish me luck.

I will not be doing this alone. My friend Debbie has rented
the booth with me. I am not sure what she will be putting
in the booth but I have several projects going that I will be
puttting in there.

One of my projects is a flip flop flyswatter. These things look
so cute! I make these using a childs small flip flop and bambo sticks for the handles.
They are really strong although they do not look very thick. I drill a
hole in one end to run a ribbon through for hanging the flyswatter when
not in use. Then I drill a hole in the end of the flip flop. I insert the bambo
stick with a bonding glue on the end into the hole. From there I decorate
to any style. Cute aren't they?

Next thing I will putting in Octoberfest is some homemade candleholders.
These are made from cups and saucers. I take some bonding glue
and apply it to the bottom of the cup, attaching the saucer to that.
Very simple but so cute. You can do this with everyday cups or you
can really fancy and do the old vintage china ones.

I pick up all my cups and saucers at Goodwill. About 50 cents per
cup and per saucer. Not a bad deal.

Next items to put in the sale will be some jewelry that I make. This
started really simple....I wanted to make something to match an
outfit of mine. It just went from there. Sometimes I pick up certain
beads, colors or styles at the store that I might need but a lot of
my beads come from yard sales. You can get these in bags for just
about nothing or you can also pick up jewelry already made that can
be taken apart and redone.

One other item to put to the sale will be some plaques I make. Simple,
just takes a little time. I buy the wooded plaque at Hobby Lobby or
any craft store. They come in Oval, square, round ..etc. I then stain
them. Using a stencil I put what I want on them, along with the wording.
I then put a protective coating over it when it drys, this will protect it
from the out elements if hung by your front door or at your porch. After
that is done, I staple a some jude to the back to hang it by. Makes for
a really nice welcoming entrance to your home.

Enjoy my projects and come back and show me yours if
you decide to make any of these.
Leaving a note will also let me know what you think of
these projects.


Anonymous said…
Hi Pam! OMG those flip flop flyswatters are sooo cute! Hmmm which color to choose... You know my sister in law really needed one of those yesterday...she was driving me nuts! I was using her comp to back up some pics on CD's and the WHOLE TIME she was walking around the office smacking the blinds etc with a rolled paper trying to get a fly....LOL... Sell me one already! They will be a big hit I'm sure at the fest!. Wow you really have a few nice items to offer.... So love the way you displayed that black/white pearl necklace and earrings..... Classy! And everyone loves candles ... and woodwork is a big seller...you are set to go...let me know how things fare... Wish I was there.... Enjoy and have fun... Nancy M; Ohio
Good luck with your Octoberfest Adventure. Looks like you have a good start on some really cute stuff....love the flyswatters!

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