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The diamond drop


I have always tried to have a camera in my
hands. I think I got my first one, a Polaroid
Instant camera when I was about 12.
Of course that was a black and white
that took a flash cube. From there I went
to a pocket camera with the flash bar.

From there I lost track of the camera’s
I had and for a short spell with running
a household and paying bills, a camera
was not a priority. That meant when one
died the money was not there to replace
it and there was not always the money there
to have film developed. So for a few years I
did without.

But then came the nicer 135 mm cameras. Still
not the professional type, but they were just
fine with me. I never had the type that you
changed out lens or flashes. But I still loved
taking pictures, usually the family and the
kids. Then, five years ago I went to work for
Photo Services for the State of Tennessee.
This was the department that did the
photographing needs for the state, state
parks, Governor events, any state department
event that need an event documented by
photos. I was just the secretary for the booking
and scheduling of these shoots but I worked
with three talented photographers and several
really talented freelancers. In being around
this type of work daily, my desire to shoot
came out more.

In 2006 I got my first point and shoot camera,
a Sony. I love it. I still to this day carry it daily
in my purse for those times that I need to
catch something fast. I started to venture out
and away from snap shots of people and family
and started shooting nature and other items
around me. My talent started to improve.

I loved doing this so much, so in July of 2008,
I decided that my hobby needed a REAL camera.
I purchased my first professional camera, Nikon
D40. I went wild. The things that I could do with
this camera. Here I was thinking that this was
just going to be a costly hobby and it has actually
made money.

I now work for the Tennessee Bureau of
Investigation, another State agency. We have
employees all over the state. One of these
employees that came into the Nashville office
one day, was able to view some of my paintings
and some of my photography. Keeping this in
mind she contacted me a few months later and
asked me would I be interested in photographing
her nieces wedding. Talk about being blown away!
I was not thinking that I was good enough to
venture out and try this, but after an offer was
made, I accepted. I am so glad I did.

Now thanks to her I have two weddings under
my belt, both booked by her. I shot her nieces
and I shot her son’s. I also have a friend who
is a wedding photographer who has stated to
me that he would have no problems using me
if he ever needed to. Wow…

From there, I recently shot some senior class
photos for two boys. I am pleased at how well
they also turned out. My niece is a senior this
year and it looks like I will also be doing hers…..
who would have thought this hobby would have
turned into a part time here and there job! I love it.

Although I love doing this, I am still more
comfortable with doing nature shots. I love
going out and finding the usual to shot, or to
take something that someone else would not
see the art in and shooting it in a way that you
look at it as art.

Thanks for stopping and thanks once again to
the woman who got me started with the
weddings and the others adventures…she
knows who she is!



My first Wedding

2nd wedding

caught in flight

resting in the garden

Niece's fish

Thanks...and leave a comment please!


Anonymous said…
Wow, u hv come a long way from the 'ole Polaroid... My daddy had one of those was a 'prized' lux at our home... and the times we were allowed to use it were treasured.... but like u, we moved on and on up the line of technology until...yup the Nikon D40X.. That camera is a gem...and your talent is paying off... I believe the Artists Eye in you along with the +'s in that DSLR 'spit' out some awesome photographs. I've enjoyed 'the ride' watching the photos you've taken since I first met you not even a couple of years ago and am plesantly surprised every time. You are great at sizing the moment as they say...then seeing what you've shot and improving/enhancing upon it when the next opportunity arrises. The wedding photos are beautiful and the Senior pics of the guys, well we can all see how awesome they came out..the backgrounds, the poses... u did great! I'm soo glad you took that TBI employee up on that first wedding;;; u got yr 'feet wet' and the rest is history. Keep shooting those awesome photographs.... I can see it now... the camera 'toys' come next lol! And 'boy howdy' there are sooo many lenses and things out there it's amazing. I can't wait to see the photos u will share with us next. (smile).. Nancy M; Ohio
Pam D said…
You KNOW I love your photography. And now you're getting some yummy "bokeh" in the shots with the blurred backgrounds (the diamond drop has a couple of perfect bokeh circles in the background, and it's creamy bokeh in the first senior portrait... really nice!). Great wedding shots, too; I don't think I would EVER screw up the courage to do that! But look at you.. Miss Pro.. wooo hoooO! Now, just keep your back in good shape, OK?

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