The Ghost With The Most

When my kids were younger I decorated for all
the season's. In doors and out. Over the years
as they grew and they got older, I got older!
Somewhere along the line I stopped putting
as much out here and there for this holiday

and that holiday and along the line I got rid of things.

As I have been surfing other blogs I have seen
where everyone has started to decorate for fall
and for the Halloween season. It started to put
me in the mood, so Friday before leaving work
I put my things out around the office. But as I
went to look for my Halloween things to decorate
with this year at home I realized that I did not
have that much stuff anymore.

I guess I really need to get busy and start making
somethings to decorate with at least to bring in the
fall season but with the planning of Octoberfest,
photo shoots of class seniors ( I do part time photography),
trying to get my back issue back in working order (slowly)
and work, I am not sure that I will get much done this year.

The sun did shine some today (12 days of rain) and I
did manage to get out and put my ghost in the trees.
I made these ghost, thanks to a friend, Phil Ware,
giving me the pattern several years ago. I have been
using them long enought that they have been spray
painted twice, maybe three times.

I cut them out of thin 1/4 inch ply board with a jig saw,
spray painted and drilled a hole in the top of each
one to hang them by fishing line. The fishing line
allows them to hang from the tree but also to
dance in the breeze. It makes for a ghost entrance
to the front yard.

Yes, that is a black wooden bat hanging in front of that
ghost! There are a couple of them also.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy.


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