Dakota-Tricks- Video

My daughter thought my grandson needed
a dog a couple of years ago. That lasted
about six months or so then they moved
and were not allowed to have pets. It
was not that big of deal cause Dakota
(dog) and Caleb (grandson) had not
really bonded. When I say not really
bonded I mean Caleb being a boy, bored,
not many kids around to play with, he
tormented that poor puppy. Not hurting
Dakota but doing boy things such as chasing
him with remote control cars, chasing him
under beds, growling at him and the poor
puppy just did not care for that, or Caleb.

Anyway, two years ago this past August,
Dakota came to live with me. He was at
that time just six months old. He is a Jack
Russell terrier. Now, the deal was, could I
keep him for a couple of weeks until they
could find him a home…..yeah right. I knew
how that would go, so I started to look for
him a home. After a couple of weeks, he had
started to worm his way into my heart, even
though I stand firm in saying “I did not want
a dog”.

My daughter and grandson had lived with
me for the last 5 plus years and for a year
I had finally had my home to myself again
and I was being selfish and was not wanting
anything I needed to take care of. Dakota
fell in that category. I tried to find him a
home but I seemed to always find something
wrong with the people that wanted him.
So…in January, five months after coming
to live with me…I excepted that he was mine.

To tell you the truth, he is the king of lair
at my home. He goes to my Mom’s everyday
on my way to work to play with her dogs
and stay at Granny’s Doggie Day Care
( that is what I call Mom’s house). But
he has been good company for me. He is
funny, he can be a pain, but I have really
grown to love him.

Dakota is jealous of my computer, my
camera and Caleb. If I am working with
my camera he will jump up and touch
his nose to the bottom body of my camera,
telling me he wants attention. He demands
that often. When at the computer he will
lay at my feet or if he thinks I have been
on to long he will jump up and start
scratching at the back of my chair or my
legs. Then when it comes to Caleb being
at the house, Dakota tolerates him. He
rather him not be there. Dakota will
worm his way between Caleb and I, he
will snap at Caleb when I am not looking
but the biggest thing is he will follow me
around like he is so afraid I will get out of
his sight……and Caleb will get attention he
will not know about.

I have to say that Dakota has been so easy
to teach tricks to. He is very smart. I can
ask does he want to go out and he runs to
the door, I ask if he wants a treat and he
will run around the room and dart to the
kitchen. I can say something about Caleb
and he will run to the window to see if he
is here. But the tricks are the best. I have
never had a dog that was smart enough to
work for a treat!

Dakota can walk on his back legs, he can
dance on them to. He can lay and roll over,
he will kiss me and the cheek if I ask and he
will sit, sit up, shake and high five. If you
ask him to love you he will his head on
your stomach and look at you, or if riding
in the car he will lay his head on you shoulder
and snuggle you neck. But the newest
trick is that he will get a treat on the
count of three. I love it.

Yes….this is the dog I did not want but
so glad I kept.

Check out Dakota's tricks. Video is not the
best, kind of hard when you are trying to
video and do the tricks with the dog too.
Need more light next time also I think

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