Crossed Wires?

Two days ago as I was leaving the
office my cell phone rang. I was
unable to get it but when I got in
the car I returned the call. It was
from my friend, Nancy from Ohio.
She apparently was not able to get
to my call also so I left a message.

As I was driving home I heard my cell
beep, like I had a message. I checked
it and sure enough I did. Upon listening
to that message, from Nancy I realized
that she had just called back but I
could not understand how I had not
heard it ring, you see, I have my
ringer up loud and it plays “Does
your Momma Know”! How could
I miss that?

During my conversation with Nancy,
still on the drive home, I explained
that I had been having a few minor
issues with my home from time to
time. Usually nothing more then it
telling me to insert the sim card or
smart card, when its already inserted
or going straight to voice without
ringing. But I admitted that maybe
since the phone was an antique that
maybe it was time I got a new one,
you see, I was probably the last
person on earth to get a cell, saying
I would never have one…now I can’t
live without it! Go figure. But I got
this phone, three and a half years
ago and I still am operating on the
same battery. I think that is pretty
good. Charge it once every other
day and I never turn it off.

Okay, as normal I ventured off the
regular story, what’s new there?

I was talking to Nancy, as I drove
home, carrying on the conversation
about my antique phone when it
went dead. Yes, it did. I tried to call
her back but just as it would ring,
she would call in. I tried to switch
over to her call only to find the line
dead. This went on a couple of times
but finally I got my call to go through
without her calling in, only to get a
complete stranger. Now to make
matters worse, that conversation
would only last a couple of words
before the line would go dead again.
Little did I know that each time
Nancy tried to call me (it would
show up on my phone she was
calling) the line would be answered
by yet another complete stranger!
Oh yes, this was getting confusing,
yet interesting.

The whole time I am thinking this
is my phone. I was to meet my Mom
at Big Lots and I walk into the story
with a confused look on my face and
the back off my phone while I rearrange
and shake the battery (okay, I was
hoping it was like a toner cartridge
on a printer..shake it and it works
better). At this point Mom tells me
that my sister in law called her
earlier looking for my brother, she
sounded strange. Later she called
back, she was concerned cause she
could not find Mark but a woman
answered his cell. No, Kim did not
think the worst, she thought maybe
someone stole his phone or he lost it.

Something clicked then and I asked
Mom did Mark have a AT&T phone
at which she did not know. But how
could it be AT&T…no it still had to
be my phone. As we walked through
the store to the back, my cell rings.
My other sister in law, Lori is
calling me. I answer and no one
is there. Now I am getting a bit
ticked when a clerk ask me did
I have AT&T. Said that had happened
to her all day. Can’t call out because
she would get strangers and people
calling her got strangers….how strange!

BINGO! Not my phone.

About 2 hours later things seem to
be worked out and back to normal.
My other brother Ray, who has an
Iphone, had no problem. A woman
at work who has an Iphone, had no
problem. Who knows.

I thought all was well on the way to
work the next morning talking to my
friend Debbie (I do my best talking
and thinking while driving) when
the phone died. Yes, here we go
again. I tried to call back, no such
luck, I did not get a stranger but
the call did not go through. She
called 4 times and finally that 4th
time got me back.

So I ask, what’s up with AT&T? I
have had my issues with them
before, mainly billing and customer
service, have they gotten to big for
their pants?
Check out that post…

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