Could That Be The Reason I Am Not Married Anymore - Part 4

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This piece took place early on in my marriage.
My ex and I were sitting in the living room
watching some TV when I decided I wanted
a glass of tea. I got up and headed to the kitchen,
stopping to ask the ex if he wanted anything. He
said that he would like a drink, but when pressed
for what he wanted, I could not get a straight
answer. We had milk, Kool aid and sweet tea
(what house in the south did not have sweet
tea in the 80’s?). But being that I could not get
a reply on which he wanted, I decided a mix
would work! Now mind you I did not get really
down right and gross by adding the milk but he
did get grape kool aid and sweet tea! Next time
I ask, best to give me a reply!

Things like this were a normal at my home. I
was not use to waiting on people nor was I use
to being the one to break someone of bad habits.
I had a few of my own and I did not need to be
in charge of correcting a man of his! Like leaving
a glass of milk sitting around to leave that ring
in the glass. After a couple of times of having
his drink served with a ring in a glass, he learned
to take that milk glass to the sink and rise it out
after its use!

Now, I lived at home before marrying so I was
not use to living with someone other then my
family so I had to learn someone else’s ways
just as I am sure it was not easy for him to learn
mine. I have always been the sort that can shut
down or get silent if things don’t go well or you
tick me off. I learned early on in our relationship
that my ex did not deal well with that one. I
remember him going off hunting with a friend
once and later that evening we were to be some
where else, he did not make it back. I was not a
happy camper. So when, really late he got home,
I was mad and silent. After an evening of that
and a whole day the next day I hear “yell at me
or something, I can’t take this silent treatment”.
It was not meant to be a treatment, it was my
way of dealing but it was also ammo when I was
told that statement!

Oh my gosh….could some of these be the reason
I am not married anymore??? LOL….

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Pam D said…
I can just see you getting all bowed up and serving the poor guy a "suicide". Hee! I'm glad you didn't put milk in it; that would NOT have been nice. I don't think anything you did was unreasonable; but yes, some of it (or all of it..) COULD be the reason that you aren't married anymore. And aren't you glad? hee!

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